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Troy & Monique's Wedding

What is Love in the Future?

 “This poem is dedicated to the love of my life today, tomorrow and always. Talk about the future, I wrote it 1 year before I even met him”

What is love in the future?

 It is: 

Someone that I can share my dreams with and he is unafraid to witness the manifestation of the promises that God unfolds before him.

Someone that grasps at the edge of my grandest vision right before I am about to jump off the ledge into action,  ready and willing to catch me if I fall.
Someone that is willing to understand that sometimes my dreams are bigger than both of us, but he is still willing to share the load
Someone unafraid of life’s unexpected moments and even in fact anticipates them and lives to creates them again tomorrow.

Someone that God has for me.

A man ready to love, listen, and live. Live out Gods wildest dreams for our lives. Dreams so wild that people laughed at the hint we were even thinking them.
Someone that is willing to help me tackle my fears and walk along side me in the dark in order to bring HIS light.

Someone that God has specifically made and carved out for me. Someone who is with out hesitation, ready and willing to not only envision the impossible for us but live a life in fearless pursuit for new impossibilities.
Someone with a passion for life, a mind full of purpose and a heart full of love.
Someone that is genuinely them at all times.

My future love is someone just like you, so come as you are, my special someone; Troy Jamal Nunnally~


Tanysha Monique Stevenson